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Hot and Cold Stone Massage

1.5 hour session


Allow yourself to be comforted and treated by the thermal therapy of this dynamic massage.

Kathy utilizes the powerful energies of hot basalt stones from volcanoes, and cooling marble stones from the bottom of the ocean.

This treatment is a unique, healing experience.


     "Kathy gives an amazing hot and cold stone massage. I had never experienced the cold stones before, and loved the sensation of laying on both the hot and cold stones while she massaged me with the hot stones. Kathy has a gift for moving with the stones and creating a relaxing flow through the body. She held the space in a manner that I felt very comfortable in, and the studio ambience was serene. The therapeutic benefits of this massage greatly reduced the tension in my body and nervous system and brought relief to ligament strain in my elbows for several days following. I would highly recommend this experience!" ~ Emily Tidmarsh


"Kathy is an extremely gentle and nourishing practitioner. The Hot Stone Massage Session I received from her was unlike anything I have experienced before. I felt deeply held, safe and so cared for. I highly recommend a massage with her!" ~ Dayna Taylor

"I had a hot stone massage at Minerva Studio and it was such a relaxing and healing space. Kathy is an excellent practitioner and I left feeling completely rejuvenated. I highly recommend her!" ~ Vanessa Loraine

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