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Women's Singing Circle

Not Currently Being Offered

musical magic, homemade chocolate, & herbal tea with honey provided each week

This circle is for you if...


You want to find more confidence and ease in your singing

You want to explore singing harmonies

You love to sing with other people 

You are unsure about singing with other people and want to ride your growth edge

You are excited to learn and sing inspiring songs

You want to gather with a supportive group of women


"I'd always loved music but couldn't carry a tune at all. It was bad, lol. Kathy got me singing harmonies with her, and then singing and playing guitar, and now I sing, play with bands, and do it all! I never thought that I'd love my voice but I was wrong. She's an amazing vocalist herself and an amazing teacher and person. Singing with Kathy absolutely changed my life!" ~ Sara Wolk

"Kathy really helped me deepen into singing harmonies. Singing together was always a delightful and playful experience, thanks to her light-hearted approach. Despite her talents, she remained humble, creating a safe and collaborative environment for musical exploration. Kathy's guidance truly transformed my understanding of harmonies and enriched my musical journey in ways I couldn't have imagined. Thank you Kathy! So grateful for you :)" ~ April Lavine

"I remember the first time I heard Kathy sing I wanted to become close with her and weave the magic of voice together. It has been an honor to have Kathy in Moon circles sharing her beautiful magic in the form of song. She has taught us many beautiful songs to carry us through and continues to do so. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is blessed" ~ Melissa Etchison  

"Kathy held our singing choir with quiet, kind authority, gently guiding us even when we lost hope of holding our part and with her steady faith in us and her musical chops we got there and more!  I found it a joy to be in her group!"


Financial Reciprocity for 1.5 hr sessions:

$13 drop in
$100 for all ten sessions

($30 savings)

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