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Private Acutonics or Tameana sessions available beforehand

Everything vibrates and thereby has a frequency. When our personal frequency experiences resonance in a Sound or Tameana session, our inner capacity to re-member and relax is encouraged. Relaxation is foundational to increasing inner peace, harmony, and coherency. This is another way to speak of healing. This is the movement of opening to Life. We are all remembering ourselves back to the Love that we are. 


Hi, I'm Lee

I am a Sound Therapy, Acutonics® Associate, and Puo’ shk i’a ni Tameana practitioner living on the Eastshore of Kootenay Lake. My childhood in Europe and South America seeded a love of archetypes, symbols, and crystals. These ingredients, coupled with the experience of engaging with diverse practitioners on my healing journey have brought me to work with vibration. I work with Acutonics Planetary frequencies through tuning forks and hand chimes. I also weave Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, and traditional Wisdom practices into treatments. Sound Therapy and Acutonics are a very relaxing experience. This work is effective in initiating and fortifying a desired shift in one's life. Sound therapy is a complementary practice. It works with other modalities and personal practices to enhance the benefits of everything else


For me, this work is deeply joyful and holds both aspects of remembering and emergence. As the vibration from the sound tools travels through the water of our bodies, emotions, thought patterns, and physical impediments are accessed non-invasively. Places in the deepest parts of our being can soften, open, and utilize the frequency to transform inner resistance into receptivity. When we are relaxed and receptive it is easier for our own innate wisdom to direct us toward healing. This is when we can integrate wounds, misalignments, and patterns that have inhibited us from living fully and freely.  

As a Tameana practitioner, I use the frequency of crystals and the power of symbols to activate geometry to transmute and transcend blockages in the energy fields. This practice aligns all layers of Self - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - across timelines and dimensions. Tameana is ancestral Galactic knowledge that has returned to our collective consciousness. It is very supportive for navigating the human and planetary evolution happening at this time. We are taking a big step into the expression ‘Being Made of Stardust.’ That stardust is waking up inside of our cells and expanding our consciousness.

What to Expect on the Journey


In a Meditative Sound Bath the participants will be invited to create a personal intention for their  journey, pull cards from medicine decks, and settle in comfortably on the floor or in a chair. I begin the sound bath with guided meditation to encourage participants to find a rhythm of relaxation with their breath. During the sound bath I use breath testing (a form of muscle testing) to receive ‘instruction’ on how to play the sound tools (gong, bowls, chimes, rainsticks, etc.). I ask to be a clear and open channel and am holding the question ‘What is the most benevolent healing action here/now’. The collective intelligence of the participants is actually designing the sound bath. There is a potency to any group practice and these public sound baths unfold into an incredibly mutually supportive vibrational field. I close each sound bath by using my voice to guide participants to gather the threads of their journey and return their awareness to the body. Each sound bath is unique.


I look forward to working with you.

Financial Reciprocity

for a 2 hour Sound Journey


pre-registration is required to secure your spot.

Please bring your own mat/cushion/blanket.

For people who do not have their own items, Minerva Studio provides a limited supply of yoga mats, cushions, bolsters and blankets to help your experience be more comfortable. 

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Private Acutonics or Tameana Sessions with Lee

Available from 2 - 5pm Sunday, April 14th


45 min for $65

60 min for $90

75 min for $120

90 min for $150



120 min for $222 

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