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A Space for Wellness

Located in Bonnington, Minerva Studio offers the local community opportunities for achieving greater wellbeing. People can enjoy a hot stone massage, meditative tea ceremonies, sound journeys, gentle yoga with sound healing and more. For women there is a weekly singing circle and for girls we offer coming-of-age circles with experienced mentors. 

Life can feel so busy when we rush through our days without taking time for ourselves. Minerva Studio serves as a reminder for you to take the time you need to connect with your inner wisdom and feel at peace.

Minerva is the Goddess of wisdom and crafts. She represents the application of intellect to everyday tasks. She is accredited with inventing spinning, weaving, numbers, music, and medicine. She has been described as the "Goddess of a thousand works."

My Story

I am Kathy, daughter of Susan, granddaughter of Mim, great granddaughter of Rosie, great great granddaughter of Sarah, great great great granddaughter of Minerva.  

Minerva Studio is a place where I can share beauty with my community. It is a place to gather and be supported in our healing journeys.

I named the studio in honour of my great great great grandmother, because she dreamed me into being and her love for me has helped to create this beautiful life and what I can offer to you. I also named the studio for the Roman goddess Minerva, as I bring much of what she represents into the space; wisdom, music, healing medicine, spinning, weaving, and more.


I have been singing for my entire life and I love to spread the magic of sound by singing in groups. It is a joy to witness people connecting with their voices and finding confidence and expression through song.

I am offering this to you by holding a weekly

women's singing circle.

I began practicing energy healing and massage in 2003. Between 2006 and 2008 I became certified in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, acupressure, and Hot and Cold Stone Therapy Massage.  

During a stone massage, I work with hot basalt (volcanic) stones that were collected on the west coast of British Columbia. I also utilize the cooling energy of marble stones that came from the bottom of the ocean. This is a service that I am offering at Minerva.

Becoming a mother and watching my daughters grow up has been the greatest honour of my life. This experience has inspired me to start guiding girl circles.

In 2021 I began co-mentoring a girl circle while taking the Journey of Young Women (JOYW) mentorship training program. I am so grateful to be able to offer this important service to girls in my community.

As a mentor, I bring many skills and interests to the circle, including; music, baking, fibre arts, and a deep passion for connecting with nature, moon cycles, and the wisdom of the feminine body.


I have apprenticed in the shamanic arts of dreaming and drum making with Kristen Scholfield-Sweet, and the Pachakuti Mesa tradition with Robin Flynn and Darcy Kopas. The wisdom of these teachings play a big part in all of the events that I hold at Minerva Studio. 

Drums made by Kathy and her daughters


There are a variety of special items for sale at the studio:

Raw honey and rainbow eggs from my backyard bees and chickens.

Children's books that I wrote;

Mother Reindeer's Journey to the Sun - a magical winter solstice story that also teaches readers about the local mountain caribou

Suzie's Sourdough Circus - a sourdough baking story with recipes.

Custom malas made by hand with crystals and silk. 

Infused with prayer, song, and intention.

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